Self- study is an important element of your child’s education. We have made sure that the library is a place where your child can meet, debate, research and learn. The new school library was fitted in the summer of 2014 and has seating for 60 students, 15 computers, 15 laptops and 30 individual learning spaces. The library is staffed by two full time librarians who are there to help your child navigate the libraries collections and identify the materials that your child may need. The library is a place for serious study and supports the whole school ethos of scholarship with curriculum specific stock, but also a huge range of resources which are intended to ‘open minds’. With 10,000 items the library supports fiction and non-fiction stock, DVDs for language and English studies. Our range of databases is extensive; these resources, and help from the staff assist our student, and staff with their research and reading for pleasure.