Step By Step HighSchool – Where we make the difference?

It is our mission to ensure that every pupil at Step By Step HIGHSCHOOL will have a safe, secure, tranquil, supportive, progressive, stimulating environment in which to learn and grow. That every pupil will enjoy recognition of their own individual abilities and interests. That every pupil will be granted the opportunity to rise to the challenges of their intellectual development and to fulfill their potential. That in every pupil will be instilled the virtues of reflective thought, creativity, critical analysis, self-discipline and independence of mind. That every pupil will come to appreciate the flexibility of attitude that is needed in order to succeed in a world that is ever changing. That every pupil will be nurtured freedom of thought and speech, along with an understanding that such freedom means taking responsibility for their own actions. That every pupil will take to heart the importance of both accommodating and drawing strength from the diversity of cultures, religions, creeds and languages that they will meet in life. That every pupil will be self-assured, will value the opinions of others while feeling secure in the bedrock of their own knowledge, will always have at their disposal the means to achieve their academic, social and cultural best.