Class of the Future

eCLASS and Virtual Learning Environments

Step By Step has introduced the unique eCLASS and a virtual learning environment to enhance student engagement and the learning process which includes the Curriculum and Instruction. Learning at Step By Step is no longer just restricted to the classroom; students can now collaborate and engage with their peers from all over the world. At Step By Step, we have access to a vast choice of curriculum from the world’s best resources, anywhere, at any time and in any place. In class, on mobiles and tablets, eCLASS is enhancing how students use digital content, building on their interests and capabilities. In doing so, we hope to make learning more real and relevant to students who have never known a world without technology. At Step By Step, we have created and continue to invest in an academic environment which will help your child succeed.  Pupils will benefit from a range of learning technologies, including eCLASS, our virtual learning environment which features programme materials, assessments and discussion boards.


The school places great emphasis on the use of technology across the curriculum. The computing and ICT department is equipped with an extensive network of computers, based in large purpose-built classrooms. A full range of industry-standard software and the internet are available for use by all staff and pupils. All learning resources are available from home and school through the schools well developed platform for accessing files and sharing information. All pupils develop at least the extended skills required to make the most of our curriculum and to enhance creativity in addition subject departments develop ITC skills  through a range of activities including core modules such as programming and software training.


Step By Step has partnered with NIIT, a global leader in delivering a holistic education solution for schools that utilizes appropriate technology as the backbone and encompasses all the possible components required to service the present and future learning needs of schools. It provides turnkey solutions based on the Build, Operate and Transfer model (BOOT), creating a state of the art computer infrastructure and imparting computer literacy and computer based education. Our School has a Management system for the benefit of its students in partnering with a large organisation in the USA.


Pursuing an enthusiasm offers great satisfaction in itself, but by pushing this to the highest of standards, pupils find a fulfilment which can easily translate into other areas of school life. Our music curriculum is designed to develop musical knowledge and skills through a varied range of activities from singing and learning how to listen attentively to music, to working in the School’s two fully-equipped music laboratory. Pupils have the option to try a variety of instruments such as the Piano, Guitar, Violin, Tabla, Sitar, Harmonium, a range of Wind Instruments. This “Hands on” experience helps develop their musical taken in addition to build their academic capabilities.

Drama and Speech

Step By Step, have partnered with Trinity College London to offer our pupils with an unrivalled choice of qualifications in drama and speech; they provide a structured framework designed to encourage the progressive development of integrated performance and communication skills.

Drama and Speech at Step By Step, allows pupils to study all aspects of the history and practice of performance and theatre. Whether your child wants to be on stage, behind the scenes or even analysing the political and performance context of theatre, our drama and speech programmes give you an excellent grounding in the theory and practice of discipline. These activities help to provide a rich and fulfilling educational experience beyond the classroom.


High fives! School spirit! Team Pride! School based sports programs can bring out noticeable positive reactions and behaviours in children. Our excellence in sport, exercise and health is across a diverse range of disciplines from physical education to team coaching. Physical Education and Games at Step By Step play an integral part of school life. All pupils are provided with opportunities to participate at some level. Involvement in sport and physical activities is seen to be important in creating team spirit, positive relationships and pride in both individual and team achievements beyond the classroom. We aim at not only maintaining the wellbeing of the mind but also maintaining the wellbeing of the body.

As well as the priority sports such as cricket, football, tennis and basketball, Step By Step is very proud of its achievements and opportunities to participate in sports such as Athletics, Skating Taekwondo, Karate, Badminton, Table Tennis and more. The schools excellent sports facilities include an international style Tennis Court, Cricket Pitches, Football and Basketball Courts, Table Tennis, Chess, . We have approve plans to build a state of the art indoor sports complex, which will upgrade some of our current facilities. This will include a Fitness Suite, Gymnasium, Multi-use Space, Climbing wall, conferene room, School shop and Cafe.