Performing Arts


Pursuing an enthusiasm offers great satisfaction in itself, but by pushing this to the highest of standards, pupils find a fulfilment which can easily translate into other areas of school life.
Our music curriculum is designed to develop musical knowledge and skills through a varied range of activities from singing and learning how to listen attentively to music, to working in the School’s two fully-equipped music laboratory. Pupils have the option to try a variety of instruments such as the Piano, Guitar, Violin, Tabla, Sitar, Harmonium, a range of Wind Instruments. This “Hands on” experience helps develop their musical taken in addition to build their academic capabilities.

Drama and Speech

Step By Step, have partnered with Trinity College London to offer our pupils with an unrivalled choice of qualifications in drama and speech; they provide a structured framework designed to encourage the progressive development of integrated performance and communication skills.
Drama and Speech at EXCELSUM, allows pupils to study all aspects of the history and practice of performance and theatre. Whether your child wants to be on stage, behind the scenes or even analysing the political and performance context of theatre, our drama and speech programmes give you an excellent grounding in the theory and practice of discipline. These activities help to provide a rich and fulfilling educational experience beyond the classroom.