Facilities being provided by our School:

  • Smart boards in all classes;
  • Over 70 computers all connected to large central servers;
  • Campus agreements with large global IT and Software companies such as Microsoft to ensure that the school its students and the parents have access to the latest and essential IT software in order to provide an enhanced learning experience.
  • The whole building is wi-fi enabled and the internet connectivity is provided through very large and expensive dedicated leased lines from Tata. Despite the High School being situated outside the municipal limits and the area having no phone and/or internet connectivity, the School has not deterred from incurring heavy costs to make communication facilities available. Indubitably, the School is continuously incurring these heavy costs in tandem with its unflinching commitment to provide its students with the start of the art technology to give them the very best chance of accessing world class infrastructure and education;
  • Additionally, the School has invested heavily in Microsoft software subscriptions where every student having been provided with their own personal license to MS Office so that they are in sync with global standards. Our School takes pride in providing unparalleled IT infrastructure for its students which may not be even remotely comparable to any other School in the city;
  • Our School also takes pride in being the first School in the country to have implemented a full blown Digital Education/Learning Management system for the benefit of its students in partnering with a large organisation in the USA. This is radically different from the old and draconian style of imparting education. Also this is very much in accordance with the Government of India’s aspirations and endeavor to launch digital education in Indian Universities;
  • The LMS system provides students instant access to content, course material and the teachers instantly. It also allows students to interact with students of 1400 additional Schools globally to share ideas and experiences. Finally, the course content offered through this platform is far in excess to the very basic content offered by the NCERT text books. The platform keeps a track of the student performance and marks and is able to highlight the weaker areas of any student allowing the teachers to proactively follow up and help students with their challenges to ensure that they get the best grades which is the single most important role of a School and its staff;
  • School is also providing NIIT Programs (IT Wizards) which is a global leader in providing IT training;
  • Ample facilities for music, instrumental etc. for the children;
  • Trinity Program from the UK is being run for enhancing communication skills, proficiency in drama etc.;
  • Regular competitions for development of children like Dramatics, declamations, debates etc.;
  • School also boasts of a Health and Hygiene Club;
  • A Reading Club with a vast library is another hallmark in the achievements of the School;
  • There is a composite lab for Science; Maths Lab etc.;
  • There is also an Indoor Game Room; Dance Room; Story telling Room; Audio Visual Room;
  • Olympiads are conducted regularly. That apart, workshops for kids, teachers and parents are conducted.
  • School takes keen interest in the physical wellbeing of the students as well and for that purpose adequate sports facilities including gymnastics, basketball, Lawn Tennis, Cricket, Yoga, Taekwondo, Athletics, Badminton as well as general sports are provided without any compromise. Annual Sports day is celebrated with much enthusiasm and élan.