High fives! School spirit! Team Pride! School based sports programs can bring out noticeable positive reactions and behaviours in children. Our excellence in sport, exercise and health is across a diverse range of disciplines from physical education to team coaching. Physical Education and Games at EXCELSUM play an integral part of school life. All pupils are provided with opportunities to participate at some level. Involvement in sport and physical activities is seen to be important in creating team spirit, positive relationships and pride in both individual and team achievements beyond the classroom. We aim at not only maintaining the wellbeing of the mind but also maintaining the wellbeing of the body.
As well as the priority sports such as cricket, football, tennis and basketball, EXCELSUM is very proud of its achievements and opportunities to participate in sports such as Athletics, Skating Taekwondo, Karate, Badminton, Table Tennis and more. The schools excellent sports facilities include an international style Tennis Court, Cricket Pitches, Football and Basketball Courts. We have approved plans to build a state of the art indoor sports complex, which will upgrade some of our current facilities. This will include a Fitness Suite, Gymnasium, Multi-use Space, Climbing wall, conferene room, School shop and Cafe.