Vision & Goal

A zest for life, knowledge and an enquiring mind are great attributes for a purposeful adult life. Our ethos here at Step By Step HIGHSCHOOL is to encourage our children to stretch all boundaries of their individual ability. We place strong emphasis on discussion, research and the use of resources to stimulate independent thinking. Our mission here at Step By Step HIGHSCHOOL learning is to change the education landscape within the territory by equipping secondary schools to offer education beyond academia which yields economic, social and cultural benefits. We ensure a higher quality of experience for all our students.We want every child at Step By Step HIGHSCHOOL to share values that contribute to a successful community.

A successful child will become:

  • Confident
  • Creative
  • Curious
  • Resilient
  • Able to handle challenges.

In order to promote successful learning for all our children, we will work in partnership with parents, carers and families in a proactive way that values parental contributions and is mindful of the individual needs of each child. Building a strong parent-teacher partnership is a strong asset we hold within our institution; we support parents in preparing their child for a fulfilled life. We aim to build international relationships allowing our students to contribute to the social and economic success of the local and global community by providing expertise and knowledge to find international programmes to enable students to face the challenges of the 21st century. We hire and invest in our staff members to ensure that it is the utmost place to work.  We do this by building a friendly and inviting environment for all and providing educators with state of the art tools to help shape your child’s future. Together, we have identified a number of key expectations that we at Step By Step HIGHSCHOOL believe will help children to succeed in learning.

A successful learner benefits from:

  • Open, two-way communications between school and home
  • Parents/carers and the school working in partnership to meet their individual needs
  • Parents/carers who have high aspirations for them
  • Full attendance and being punctual
  • Parents/ carers who are interested and involved in their child’s learning journey
  • Parents/carers who support school expectations e.g. behaviour, homework, uniform
  • The chance to take part in a range of school and extra-curricular activities.