EXCELSUM has introduced the unique eCLASS and a virtual learning environment to enhance student engagement and the learning process which includes the curriculum and Instruction. Learning at EXCELSUM is no longer just restricted to the classroom; students can now collaborate and engage with their peers from all over the world. At EXCELSUM, we have access to a vast choice of curriculum from the world’s best resources, anywhere, at any time and in any place. With the collaboration of our foreign counterparts we have been able to bring in the best learning management system. In  class, on mobiles and tablets, eCLASS is enhancing how students use digital content, building on their interests and capabilities. In doing so, we hope to make learning more real and relevant to students who have never known a world without technology. At EXCELSUM, we have created and continue to invest in an academic environment which will help your child succeed.  Pupils will benefit from a range of learning technologies, including eCLASS, our virtual learning environment which features programme materials, assessments and discussion boards.